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Denali Powerhub2 Installation

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Hey all!

First post here, I picked up a pre-reg 2018 Tracer last week as new (0 miles) and absolutely love it. This forum has been invaluable already, thank you so much.

I'm in the process of moving over a few bits from my previous KTM and noticed that there aren't any posts on the Denali Powerhub 2. I was scoping out the best way to add accessories and took all the advice on the spare auxiliary connectors but decided to install this instead. I really like having a single point of origin for all non OEM additions and being able to choose between switched or constant power is helpful. Plus, being able to swap out quickly and check fuses etc without digging.

Firstly, there is a perfect place for the unit to live under the passenger seat. I stuck it down with some hook & loop strips.



I tapped into the tail light (on the light side of the connector) and then routed through to the battery on the right hand side (when sitting on the bike).

I've only got the GPS and a dual USB replacement for the 12v cigarette plug up front connected at the moment, both on switched power. I just needed to pull the side panel under the tank on the left side a little to route the cables under the tank and along the left side of the bike. but will add in the Sound Bomb when it arrives as well as a spare SAE connector for trickle charging / temporary extras. It has space for six connections so plenty to spare. Then any OEM parts (heated grips etc) can just go in their recommended ports on the bike.

If I didn't have it already, I may not have installed one but it has worked out really well on the Tracer, if anyone else is looking for a PDM/fuse box unit for accessories.

I can't add anymore photos due to being new / not subscribed but will try to get some more on soon.

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