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Compact chair


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Ive came to realize I needed a chair to just sit and enjoy the scenery at stops. It needed to be small and easy to use. I found this little beauty on Amazon, ordered it and was well worth the money. 

Yes it is on the pricey side, but it is excellent quality, small, fits between my tail bag and grab rail......it most of all........bout 10-15 seconds to open.


CLIQ Chair is a sturdy, comfortable, portable chair that rapidly...

It works great.....only down side is no bag for a single  chair. I wrapped a small towel around as not to scape my grap rails. Its the white thing in the pic.



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Can’t believe how small that folds up!

I got a small chair from Amazon after one of my riding buddies showed up to camp with it. Figure if it fits on his Street Triple it will fit on my bike. It’s a little larger than the one you have listed but I was able to get a two pack for around 60 usd. 

I can’t get the link to work, only links right back to this page. But it’s the Moon Lence Ultralight Chair two pack on Amazon.

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I use Helinox.

In Amazon, plenty of knock offs but Helinox has quality parts and very light.  You definitely pay for the engineering and quality of the materials.


Delivering the optimal balance of packability and comfort, Chair...


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