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Fuel Pump Prime Question

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Hello all,

  I recently picked up a leftover 2020 Tracer 900 GT and this is my first yamaha, so maybe this is normal. With the key on and putting the off/run/start button to "run", the fuel pump doesn't prime before starting. This causes it to crank for a bit before firing up. Every other EFI bike I've owned would prime as soon as the "run" is selected. Is this normal?

I can bump the start button momentarily and it will prime, then hit start again and hold it and it will fire right away.


Btw, I'm loving this bike. The stock windscreen is a hot mess and the front brakes take some getting used to (brake harder than you think you need too), but overall it's a fun bike for sure.

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Correct procedure is:  Make sure kill switch is on,  turn key on, wait till gauges go through start up and pump primes. Hit starter.

If you have done maint. and had the fuel line disconnected, do 2 or 3 primes.

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I frequently start the engine with no problems at all even before the digital gauges have finished booting...I dont bother waiting for the fuel pump to finish.....it will start easily even 2 seconds after turning the key....it takes almost zero time for the fuel pump to build full pressure since fuel is not compressible. 2020 might be different.

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