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Hello from Michigan!

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Following a 10 year hiatus, I decided it was time for another bike. Went to a local dealer in search of something that was comfortable but still had some style. Originally this Honda 600 (I don't remember the model) cought my eye and the price was right. But then I saw the Tracer. It had all of the features I could have wanted, many of which the Honda lacked which would need to be added later.  Then the price.  I was torn. The Tracer was much more than I was looking to spend. So I decided to go home and sleep on it.  Well, there was no decesion to be had, I was getting the Tracer.

1100 miles later and having rode it in temperatures from 32 to 91 (thanks Michigan), I couldn't be happier. Comfort, power, features and looks pretty good make the price tag a bit more digestible.  I'm looking forward to many miles and memories. 

Unfortunately, I can't upload a picture at the moment (apparently the file size is too big). 

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Welcome to the forum! A lot of people here are an invaluable resource. You’ll find that any question you’ll ever have is probably answered somewhere in here. Hopefully you can find a way to upload a picture so we can see your bike! 

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