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Windshield quite loose and wobbles while riding


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This is currently happening on my Puig Touring Windshield, but it also happened with the stock Yamaha touring windshield I had before. 

When the plastic knobs for windshield adjustment are all the way tightened down, the windshield can be "wiggled" back and fourth diagnally with two hands standing in front of the bike quite easily.

It can also be "tipped" back and fourth by using one hand and grabbing the very bottom of the windshield from the front of the bike, and moving back and fourth. 

I was thinking about just doing this mod:

However, I'm not sure this will solve the problem, as not only are the adjustres loose when tightened all the way (such as in the post above) but the entire windshield is wobbling around everywhere!

Any ideas what might be broken / loose? I've gone in there quite a bit and removed the stock front plate part, because the Puig required some modifications which were included with the windshield. The problem existed before and continues now. 

Would modifying the adjusters fix this? 


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Not having an SJ, this is only a conjecture- Have you checked the condition of the well nuts? (these are used to hold on most every windshield I've ever had, excepting some BMWs)  These ARE made of rubber, and do deteriorate/crack/disintegrate over time from UV exposure. Luckily, they're cheap and easy to change!

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Well, I removed the C clips and unscrewed the rubber hand tighteners. 

A quick trip to the hardware store provided me with the metric bolts needed to match the threading, as well as washers and nuts.

I tightened these down with a 10mm ratchet and, what do you know? Windshield doesn't wobble anymore!

I've obviously lost the ability to adjust on the fly, so I'm considering ordering the rubber hand tighteners and see if that resolves. Although I like my touring windshield in the lowest position, so I'm not in a huge rush to do this. 

Nothing is cracked on the frame brace part thank goodness. 


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