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Picking up new 2021 Tracer 9 GT tomorrow

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I'm picking up my new 2021 Tracer 9 GT tomorrow. Been riding since 1966. I'm in the Albany NY area . Needless to say I'm pumped ! Maybe I'll see ya on the road. Be safe. 

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I've only got about 200 miles on it but here goes:

good stuff

1. Really smooth with just a hint of a buzz to let you know you are riding a motrocycle not a sewing machine.

2. I LOVE the quick shifter ! Never had one before.

3. Seems to handle like a dream. 

4. Love the panniers. 


not so good stuff:

A little tall but manageable.

Windshield is buffety. Ordered an adjustable wing. Will see if that helps. 

Brakes are  adequate. Could use a little more power. Maybe they will get better with more miles as the pads break in.


As I get more miles I'll keep the commentary going. 

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i've had my 2021 Tracer 9 GT now for about 2 months. Just did the 600 mile break in service and it was easy as pie. The oil looked clean and debris free. Adjusted and lubed the chain, levers and all is good. 

i'm gonna install the frame sliders as soon as the weather gets a little cooler. The heat index was 105 degrees fahrenheit yesterday ! yikes. 

More commentary to come.  

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Frame sliders are protectors that protrude from the frame on either side to protect the engine casings from scratches and or damage. See pic.

Hope this pic helps. 


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I got them from Ebay. Copy and paste this link:


I haven't installed mine yet so I do not know how hard it is to install them.

I believe this seller still has them in stock.

I have a pair of wheel axle sliders already installed on my bike. I had a pair from my Thruxton and they fit with a little modification. 

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I sent this question to Jason about the correct torque figures for these sliders.

I have a question about what torque figure to use when tightening the sliders to the frame of my 2021 Tracer 9 GT. Yamaha recommends 60 nm. Your instructions say "no more than 40 nm".  I was just wondering why. I don't want to leave the sliders too loose. Thanks for any help. Leon 

40nm is our reccommended torque as any tighter you could end up damaging the bobbin and it mushrooming out at the back.
Do NOT tighten these any more than this, we have been doing this 10yrs and on a m10 bolt kit it this is more than ample for the bobbins to be tightened.

Yamaha torque settings will be different as with all other manufacturers.

Hope this helps 😊

(Sole proprietor)


Jason Stevens
Managing Director


I'm gonna use Jason's recommendations. Leon

I bear NO responsibilty for your choice. 


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