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Hello from So. Cal. Duc rider


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I'm interested in FJ-09 have ridden FZ-09 during Yamaha Demo Days liked the engine but found chassis (ergo) and suspension lacking, glad to seemYamaha offer sport tourer with same power plant. Still looking for demo to see if it will be replacement for my '10 Ducati's MTS 1200 st which I've owned since new and have enjoyed over 38k miles on. The Duc is expensive to keep with PR4s wearing out @ 3k miles and $1200. Valve adjustments every 15000 miles, the 26,600 mile interval on FJ-09 has me thinking of new bike. I ride solely for pleasure and find myself taking short 200-300 mile rides with occasional multi state trips which I think the FJ-09 should be capable of with bags, taller windscreen, and suspension upgrade as I weigh close to 300#s and am 6/2. I'm concerned that Yamaha has decreased rake and trail on FJ-09 from what FZ-09 has and also what my Ducm has which I find quick steering with great stability @ high speed and in strong cross winds. My local dlr has candy red one which fits me fairly well but.looking for input from owners of FJ-09 for their feedback. I had an '07 VStrom 1000 that would weave @any speed over the ton and would try to change lanes when encountering crosswinds, don't need to go back to that type of handling as Duc has shown me what good handling is. Just don't know how I'll do when encountering 1000 sportbikes and not having 150hp and semiactiveactive suspension on tap.
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