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New left-over 2019

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So, I ended up trading in a 2020 Kawasaki W800 for this bike. I really thought I was getting to the point of 'slowing down' on a bike, but it was just boring. Unfortunately, lots of lower body injuries thins down what I can ride for any length of time. I had a very brief ride on a first year FZ-09. I wasn't impressed with the frontend or the on/off switch for a throttle. But, I kept an eye on these bikes when Yamaha brought them out. So, glad I did. It's just a terrific bike, as you all well know. 

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Welcome to the team that believes that the function of a bike is priority #1, not the looks.  I don't understand buying a bike that looks a certain way and as a result sacrifices the main point of the bike, which is the ride.  And welcome to the board.  We are all geeks, so be prepared for that. 

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I get the stylistic side of design. Honestly, this bike is hideous, bringing about deep seeded, long thought to be completely dormant, never to return, feelings I got the first time I saw the initial renderings of the V-Strom. The W800/650 are truly beautiful machines to my eye. But there is a beauty in functionality, as well. And to me, that's obviously where I find the beauty in the Tracer.

I guess I just 'lucked out' because my local dealer wouldn't take the W800 in on trade for a left-over 2020 GT. I looked at a dealerships website that I knew of that was 90 miles away, and they still had the 2019, for over $2,000 less, and willing to take the W800 in on trade, for the price I wanted. 

The ride home decidedly did not feel as adventurous as the ride to the dealership. Go figure...

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