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Anyone lowered their tracer 9 ?

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I have lowered my 2019 standard tracer 900 1" with shorter doglegs.  I pulled the fork tubes up about .5".  Tried more at first but it turned in too fast in corners.  I have full ohlins front and back so was able to dial in a bit more compression damping and it made it just right .  Lowered it because I am only 5-8 and, let's say, past my prime.  Made a big difference in coming to stops and slow maneuvers.  I have also reshaped the seat to make it flatter which is a personal comfort issue but also helps.

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Hi, thanks for reply’s ,  I recently received the yam lowering link and fitted it , it took the dealer 3 months before it arrived , it’s a single link that replaces the one on the bike and was a bit awkward to fit , your meant to re calibrate the suspension when done via the dash but mine will not re calibrate and comes up with failed on every attempt so I will have to take back to the dealer. I’m 5’ 7 but still can’t flat foot but I feel more confident with the bike after having a few close calls when coming to a stop, I can not now put on main stand on my own it now needs two people the other to lift at the other side, on side stand it looks as if too upright now 

let me know how you have got on with yours if you have lowered it 

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After I lowered my FJ-09 I had the stock side stand length shortened by an inch or so. I was glad I did because when the welder cut into the side stand it was hollow so he put a bar inside for additional strength.

You can also buy shorter side stand or center stands online from companies such as T-Rex.

T-Rex accessories

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