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IBAOregon In State BBG1500


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I just finished a IBA (Iron Butt Association) Oregon In State Bun Burner Gold. This is 1500 or more miles in less than 24 hours, on my 2016 FJ-09. I set the bike up with a 1 gallon RTIC water jug with an insulated tube attached to my tank bag with a retractor the right side of the bike. I attached this to a 1" square tube bolted to the rightsize Shad side bag mount and used a couple of 6" pipe clamps to hold the SS bottle in place. I already have my GPS, Cell phone mount. Then added my Go-Pro to document the stop gas receipts and a timer to stay focused on the clock, all Ram Ball mounted. Custom saddle by Don's Moto in Albany, OR done a year ago. Madstad shield. Denali S4 lights for night riding. Planned stops no greater than 155 miles apart as I was worried about higher sustained MPG. I also swapped out the sprockets with 17/43 combination and new DID 525 x ring chain, which lowered the highway RPM's considerably. 22 hours 45 minutes and GPS mileage of 1538 and a speedo indicated 1574. Done. Waiting on the documentation to arrive at the IBA for their scrutiny and of course certification.  Did this with a experienced buddy on his Kawasaki Concours 14. This is not my first IBA ride either, but first on this bike. No road issues, no critters, no cops, no imbeciles in cars or trucks, no rain, little to no wind. Fast gas stops and ate and drank on the bike.  The only issue (a big one) was a tremendous amount of heat coming up on the left side burning my left calf. Like 2nd degree burn with blisters and severely red skin. I don't have highway pegs so I was limited as to where I could place my left foot.  I wore my R3 stich with bike shorts for comfort so my legs didn't have pants as protection. Air temperatures during the really hot time was up to 105 degrees. Bike never ran hotter that 195 degrees, but the heat was brutal coming up from the catalytic converter on the stock system.  Beside the benefits of increased HP and lighter weight my question is would a after market exhaust reduce the heat output? Next time I wear some calf protection! The only other add on I should have had was cruise control.  But it was too late to add for this trip. However its coming before winter!  Picture 1 is the final stop and 2 of me and the bike. You can see the RTIC bottle.  I'll post more detailed pictures of the hydration system if anyone is interested. 

So if anyone can attest to any heat reduction with a aftermarket exhaust chime in. Thanks! 



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Why the hand guards?  First thing I took off my FJ.  Anyway, nice ride, always nice to see that there still are folks wanting to set a record for themselves.  Your efforts surely help produce better products and your report on these products help us.  I haven't experienced the heat issue.  The FJ is a dream motorcycle for not producing that much heat, but then I come from  two 05 FJR1300s.  The heat on them can really be bad at just 80 degrees.  Most of my 6-800 mile days were done on the FJR and most of that was with leather pants that zipped up and down  for their full length, allowing me to open at the calf and hip.  I also like to ride with full length tights as when they get wet they stay wet longer and therefore cool longer as long as you can get ventilation.  I would use https://ldcomfort.com/ With vents on the outer pants you can allow a tinny opening to let air in and also out.   Wet the full length undergarment legs and ride on, nice and cool.  Glad you had a good ride.  Keep posting this stuff on this site, I know there are other LDRs here. 

Riding any day long ride in the summer is benefited with a attached water jug and drinking tube.  Both my FJ and FJR are fitted with such.



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(2)2005 FJR1300abs:  230,000 m
2015 FJ-09:  114,000 m (Replaced engine at 106K)

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Nicely done @2linby

I haven't done a BBG on this bike but I feel confident that I could. The Mr. Ed's saddle is the key. 😎

I'd like to see more detailed photos of your Rtic setup. I put mine in a Yeti rambler holder attached to the right passenger peg but it has been a little troublesome. Or let me know the next time you're at LBCC for a class and I'll come check it out.

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Finally received my certification from the IBA. Next plan is a In state Montana BBG1500. Probably some time in June 2022.



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I found Backpacks are an annoyance on long ride. They don’t hold cold very long even packed with ice and volumes are only 100 ounces at the very most. My artic holds 1 gallon 128 oz. packed with ice it’ll last 5-8 summer time hours before I use it and have to replenish. 

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Everything is simple, Nothing is easy

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