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INNOVV K5 4K dual camera Dash/Action cam for motorcycles - New


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Hey everyone,  

Many have seen stuff I've posted on here using INNOVV dash cams.   Well I have a K5 I only used for measurements and doing some mounting designs for a customer.    I already have a K3, and K2  and didn't need the K5 so I am going to sell it.   Its an open box, but 100% of the parts are there. I've powered it up to verify function but that is it, its never been mounted.  It was used entirely for taking measurements and some test fittings.    I design lens protectors and accessories for INNOVV cameras on my JK3D.us site. 

The K5 is really a benchmark piece of kit - a 4K camera/DVR and a 1080P rear/bullet camera.   Comes with a 5hz GPS module, and the power brick for the bike.  The K5 has a remote to control and save pictures, and also a remote microphone you can place on the bike.  It also comes with a box of mounts and adhesives.   

The info on the camera can be found here : https://www.innovv.com/innovv-k5-dashcam 

As a bonus I'll include 2 JK3D lens protectors (with mineral glass lenses) with it (one for each camera) (30$ value):)    - Note the pictures below show a new model of the lens protector, the one coming with the cameras is the V1 model.

Being this is a new camera I am asking for $400 shipping included in the US.  These sell for $458+shipping and are hard to find as there are supply issues currently so I think this is  a fair price.   For Intl purchases we will need to discuss shipping prices.   I am firm on the price, Paypal is the preferred method of payment. 



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