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Winter or three season glove recommendations


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The Sand 4 H20 were PDG and even the touch spots worked OK if inexactly but definitely not great.

They are a bit warmer than my Cortech Hydro GTs but as the latter have medium length gauntlets, the shorter cuffs of the Sands have to go under the jacket sleeves, particular for rain duty (not yet tested); and depending on the jacket sleeve, while fairly slim, can be snug.

Averaged 45 degrees but saw 42 at length but was snug as a bug in my ancient Stitch "classic" 2-pc and their heavy full-leg zip fleece pants (have the matching fleece jacket I bought back in the day along with Stitch and the original Combat Touring boots; the later I sold because they are kind of clunky for street duty), long sleeve 1/4 zip base layer shirt & Warm N Safe jacket 90w liner.  I've gained so much weight my Stitch is pretty snug, and I can't even fit into my Transit 2 pants though the jacket just zips up with the electric liner.

I've GOT to get with my PT and crank down the portion sizes!

Today's very late ride, got home after dark, may be it for the season... 














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