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Hello from San Angelo, TX


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I recently decided to make a change in my ride. I sold my 2017 Honda Rally CRF 250. I started shopping around not really knowing what i wanted. I found some reviews for the 2020 Tracer, and decided that was what I wanted. Then I could not find one, and had very little luck getting the dealerships to work with me. I finally found an awesome sales person (Hannah) at Destination Cycles in Kerrville, TX. She turned me on to a gently used 2019 Tracer GT. After a very short ride, I absolutely LOVE this bike. I was shocked at how easy it was to get accustomed to it. 

At some point I will upgrade the seat , and I would like to figure out how to make my wife more comfortable on the back...maybe some sort of top case. Other than that I am really happy with it and ready to go exploring.   



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Hi from a fellow forum newbie. Having done years of 2-up bike touring with my dear lady, I can vouch for the fact that a topbox transforms their comfort, confidence and ability to fall asleep on the back while not falling off the bike 🤣🤣


Only thing you have to watch is overloading - not sure about the FJ9/Tracer 9,but I know that Yamaha say you cannot have topbox AND pannier boxes on the FJ1300.... (edit or at least they used to) 

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@WaylandC welcome to the forum, I hope you'll be very happy with the Tracer and that you can make your Wife comfortable as a pillion.

My Wife decided her touring days were over about 4 years ago so can't help with any two-up touring tips or tricks, but I shall be following your progress with interest as the percieved wisdom I have heard/ read is that the Tracer isn't really a 'two-up' machine.

But I've never been one to believe what 'they' say, so it'll be great to see how you go.



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Welcome and congratulations on the new bike.  My wife will not ride with me so my riding and touring is solo.  I have a 39L top box with over 12,000 miles on the setup.  I have the OEM suspension but did crank up the preload.  Typically I use the top box as storage for a helmet and rain jacket but no weight as it is behind the rear wheel.  Touring I add a 58L duffle on the rear seat plus the sidecases are full.  Lots of miles that way with no issues.  Front of the bike is light anyway.  From an aero perspective my bike has no issues and rides straight at all the speeds I’ve seen.  I might have gone 5 over on an 80MPH speed limit interstate.  

There are forum members who do two up touring so some good info from them on the forum.

My 2020 GT has been a fantastic bike.  Bought new is Sioux Falls SD in September 2020 and by October of 2021 had 18,000 miles on it.  It has been a lot of places from Michigan UP to Montana, to Utah and Idaho and places in between.  First thing to go for me was the windscreen.  My OEM chain only lasted 11,000 miles - kept it clean but didn't lube it frequently enough.  Replaced with DID X-ring which has 6,300 miles on it and is great condition.  

Windscreen - MRX touring plus X-Wing (from Amazon)

Yamaha rack and 39L top case

Scottoiler - lube chain and keep the bike dirty 🙂

Neutrino Element controller for driving lights (visibility), heated gear, etc.

RAM Ball mount on handlebar mounting bolt for Garmin Zumo XT.  

Bike is great on trips.   Able to cruse on interstates and nice secondary roads with no effort and yet still a blast in the twisties.  I did Beartooth Pass, Snowy Mountain Road and other great mountain roads full loaded and had a blast.  I only ride 75% on those roads and come back with some chicken strips but they are not a place to push the limits IMO.  Triple is a delight with loads of power.  In high elevation mountain roads in the 8,000 foot plus range it still has enough power to safely pass with ease.

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