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2022 Tracer 9 GT listed on US site - no obvious changes, $100 price increase


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1 hour ago, daboo said:

But if you upgraded the suspension on your FJ-09, you paid a thousand or more, and hopefully, it'll go around a corner in decent form.

I never really understood why people said the FJ-09 suspension was bad...until I rode the Tracer 9 GT.  If you crank up the settings on the FJ-09 stock suspension it will go around a corner just fine.  At least as fine as I need it for as fast as I dare ride on a public road.  However, when set like that, it's also punishingly hard...which I kind of thought was just a given with a motorcycle.  After riding the Tracer 9 GT with it's electronic active damping, I realized that it is possible for motorcycle to be sedan smooth on a bumpy road, without also being willowy in a corner or the front end diving on a stop.  I don't know if there's any manually adjustable suspension that get you the best of both worlds like that.

I haven't done anything to my 2016 other than putting a Sargent seat and less ugly turn signals on it.  So I'm also getting cruise control, heated grips, slipper clutch, quick shifter, etc, etc.  Lots of upgrades they made from first gen to second gen bike along with the upgrades they made to the third gen.

As far as worth it...I mean a bike isn't a "sensible" purchase to begin with, at least not in the US.  It's purely a toy, so in a sense, all money spent on a bike is "wasted".  Spending $10K on a new bike every 5 years if it makes me happy isn't a big deal.  Actually, bikes have probably saved me quite a bit of a money in the long run.  If I never got into riding, I'd probably be looking to buy a $60K+ sports car for my thrills.  Instead I'm rather happy with my boring $24K hatchback and a $10-15K motorcycle.

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:D :D :D I'm an oddity around here.  What I share is a love for riding bikes in this size bracket, and taking them on trips across the USA.  To set the record straight, I tested the FJ-09...and couldn't stand it.  :)  The couple inches of seat height were uncomfortable, but doable.  But what made me decide in the first 10 minutes that I didn't want one, was the throttle and clutch.  The effect to me was the throttle was snatchy and I was still commuting in rush hour traffic where everyone is in a "rush", but no one is getting anywhere.  Stop-n-go was the rule of the game and there were a lot of times I knew I'd be slipping the clutch at a pace that was just barely moving for a long time.  Could I do it?  Yes.  I can adapt to anything.  But I wasn't happy with it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I also test rode a BMW F800GT that afternoon.  It fit me like a glove for both size...and throttle response.  80,000 miles later, I'm still happy.

I chuckle when I read of the owners on this forum making all the modifications to their suspensions and the ECU.  My lowly BMW has only a modification for the rear preload and I can adjust the rear suspension from Comfort, to Normal and then to Sport.  That's it.  The front suspension is what it is.

And yet it works.  For me.  In fact, the entire bike works for me.  I like the simplistic electronic aids I get like ABS and traction control.  They aren't obtrusive, yet they work.  I've ridden both the BMW R1200 RT and RS models with the Dynamic suspension...and they rode like buckboards.  And neither did any better in the twisties than I feel like I'm doing on my rudimentary F800GT.  It's like the bike bridges the gap of the beginning implementation of electronic aids and the old manual controls.

So when I read about quick shifters and slipper clutches...yawn.  Things like fully adjustable suspensions...scare me.  I'd probably screw up the settings and have to find a way to put them back where the factory had them.  :D  And with my luck, I'd have to pay someone to do it.  :D 

The year before lockdowns, I had the opportunity to ride with some Canadians who thought Washington state was just a speed bump to get through as fast as they could.  Their Kawasakis were putting out about 160 hp at the rear wheel and they rode incredibly fast.  But the only time I had any issues at all was when hitting a large bump in a turn that unloaded the suspension totally and I was going way faster than a sane person would be riding.  (It was on a closed course with professional drivers. ;) )  But otherwise, that rudimentary suspension does as well as I could hope.  I'd love to have it soak up the potholes, but even my cars can't do that.  I rode a new BMW R1200GS over some speed bumps...and it didn't do much better than my bike did.  

So when I look at the new bikes...I don't see anything that could entice me to lay out $12K for.  Are they better?  Yes.  Definitely.  Are they $12K better?  Definitely not.

But that's just me.  I can afford to buy whatever I want.  I'm just happy with what I have.  And if the new bike makes you feel better...great!  


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39 minutes ago, stevesweetz said:

I realized that it is possible for motorcycle to be sedan smooth on a bumpy road, without also being willowy in a corner or the front end diving on a stop.  I don't know if there's any manually adjustable suspension that get you the best of both worlds like that.

Yes, that is how I have my aftermarket suspension set-up.  I ride many longer distance road trips each year, but I like to do it on the 'fun roads' as much as possible.  It is absolutely comfortable for long stretches on the highway and will definitely hold its own in the canyons and mountains.

It's good to hear that the Tracer 9's electronic suspension works well, I will have to get a test ride if they have demo-days again next summer.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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On 11/24/2021 at 5:58 PM, betoney said:

I finally saw a 2021 Tracer 9 out on the road today, well kind of saw one...  I was pulling out of a side street and almost hit it, that miniature single headlight from the R1 is barely visible in daylight, I can only imagine how ineffective it is on a rural road in total darkness. 😲

The tracer 9 has hands down the best headlight of any bike I’ve ever used for night time visibility. Better than many cars I’ve driven. 

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