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Have been reading websites reference the FJ-09 for a couple of months and it seemed Yamaha designed the bike just for me.   At the time I was also considering the FJR 1300 and Ninja 1000. I was looking for something relatively lightweight and the FJR is kinda heavy and $6k more.  The Ninja 1000 is only a little heavier than the FJ-09 but is not as comfortable although it is in the same ballpark price wise.  One of the local Yamaha dealer's (we have 3) had one coming in so I put a deposit on it.  It came in Monday morning and I picked it up that afternoon.  Because of weather I have only put about 100 miles on it but I love it thus far.  Mine is red and I opted for the side cases as well.  I traded in a 2012 Spyder RT so I have to remind myself to put my feet down at stops:)  Previous to the Spyder we owned 2 Yamaha's.  We had the Spyder because the wife said that was all she would go 2 up on.  Lately she doesn't ride as much with me and if I am spending most of my time 1 up I want something sportier.  The Spyder is a great machine and there is absolutely nothing safer on the road riding on 2 or 3 wheels.  It had tons of storage but when it was just me it was almost like driving a Miata with the top down.  When the weather starts warming up in the spring I believe I can convince the wife to go 2 up on the FJ-09.  I am in the Knoxville area. 
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