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Chaseontwowheels reviews the FJ-09

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Guy is a bit of d*ck (comments like "when did an adventure bike has so much power".....eh well ever tried a KTM 1190? ;) ) and his route is not very interesting, but the vid is okay since there's still no MT-09 Tracer to see irl here in Holland.
I like the grey colour more and more.
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I love how he comments on the bikes amazing cornering ability based on him weaving in his lane doing 45 mph while going straight. He seems overwhelmed by the 110 hp, like he is riding a moto gp bike for the first time.
Lol, I was thinking the same thing. I get the feeling I'm going to be grinning like a fool inside my helmet (like this guy) the first time I get to demo one of these bikes! Glad to see they're finally making their way to the eastern US now... 
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Guest eatpasta
I had to mute this guy....just couldn't stand listening to him and he's going on a straight road....so kind of useless.
The best part of the video is for two seconds as he pulls away at the beginning and you can actually hear the bike!
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