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Bar end bolt dimensions


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On 1/8/2023 at 2:20 PM, 3sum said:

It was more aesthetic than anything else. I looked for a picture yesterday but can’t find any. I guess I didn’t take any of it. 

@3sum If you still have the bar ends (and mirrors?), would you be interested in selling them? After having CRG Arrows on most of my previous bikes, I continue to be frustrated with with the Tracer OEM mirrors. They come loose at speed, are too difficult to position, and even when I get them sorted the way I want, they don't show enough coverage.

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Yeah, I had one of my OEM mirrors constantly coming loose, too. 

i have the mirrors still. I’m not so sure about the bar ends though. I’ll look tomorrow after work and see and shoot you pictures of the mirrors. 

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