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WI tech day

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Planning a tech day on April 30th and would enjoy meeting some other Tracer riders.  Hubby has a large shop with tools, a lift and tire changer.  People often ship tires here prior, and then ride out on new rubber.  We started doing tech days way back when I was riding a Honda ST1300 and welcome anyone riding anything  :)

Address: N2126 Indian Mound Rd, Dalton WI

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Rats, I'm not going to make it :(


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On 4/5/2022 at 8:28 PM, Your_Boy_Yuriy said:

I would have love to join. However, I'll be running a half marathon in Champaign-Urbana IL

Hey, I walked 13 or 14 blocks today, outbound was up hill, and it sprinkled a bit.  But hey, I'm tough even in my sling.

Generous invite but I won't be back in the saddle until July, hopefully.

Anyway, I have my own heated & AC shop with a Handy Lift and NoMar tire changer. And it's only about 40 feet from my back door rather than 177 miles. LOL


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I was in Oshkosh last fall, "might" go again this year. It won't be on the bike though.

Thanks for the invite. My previous bike was also a ST1300.  Weight was bothering me.

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I remember those ST tech days.  They were frequent and well attended.

 Great you are now getting them going for our Yamaha family.


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