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Corbin seat for 2021-22 Tracer 9 GT

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21 minutes ago, tclhb said:

Corbin had emailed me and asked if the spacer worked with their seat. He also said that I should form a spot with my butt where the seat will keep me in place better. 

Form as in.... in a matter of time that the seat will break-in to the shape of your butt?

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18 hours ago, KeesH said:

Form as in.... in a matter of time that the seat will break-in to the shape of your butt?

I think if you give our seat some time to break in you'll notice the seat adjusts to how you sit in it and once you imprint your butt into that foam you will not slide forward as easily. “

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I am glad I found this thread... received mine a little over a week ago and have been trying to work through the fitment issues.

I also had to add two washers under the latch plate to get the seat to lock in place. The other issue I am having is an interference in the fit at the front of the seat. When seated, it bends/tweaks the plastics around it. It pulls the black plastic tank protection piece backwards away from the tank. Its an annoyingly large gap. I've also noticed that it shifts the silver side panels downward when I am seated. 

Corbin's initial reply was that the plastic bodywork shift is considered normal... I disagree. I've sent photos and such to them and am now awaiting their determination. 


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Corbin's reply (just received)

"I showed my team and my supervisor. The washers underneath the latch pin on a brand new seat is normal. I personally had to do this on my bike. Once the seat breaks in, you will actually want to take the washers off and it will install like normal. It is perfectly normal for our seat to be touching some parts of the plastic or fairings. If you do see some out of the normal wear and tear on the Vinyl or Leather, let us know so we can look into it. But pressure on the plastics is perfectly fine."

Again, not sure if I really agree with the plastics comment. The latch pin I can live with.

Just putting this out there for anybody else that comes across this thread and is considering a Corbin saddle for their Tracer 9 GT.


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