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2017 fj-09 Andreani suspension upgrade questions.

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 I recently got the Andreani fork and Nitron shock upgrade install done.  I had to purchase a few tools, but was not difficult to install. I purchased thru Fast Bike Industries. I sent them my weight and riding style. I decided on purchasing and installing the NTR-R2 2 way double damper to match the adjustability of the fork cartridges. the Nitron shock and reservoir exchange went in well, and was preset to spec from factory; I just touched up the preload to get 35mm sag. The Andreani fork wasn't factory preset because of assembly and install needed.  What I'm disappointed in so far is the spring rate seem to be too light !! i'm not happy here, esp. if I have to tare down the forks again ! I measured accurately using the MOTOOL preload measuring tool as I've used before. With all rebound and compression all out (ccw)I raised front wheel off ground; set MOTOOL to "0", set bike up to find unlaiden setting, then get on bike w/gear. W/preload ccw(all open), total sag is 57-59mm, and when preload is maxed out ,I'm getting 40-42mm.  I think for the street I should be @aprox. 35mm w/ minimal preload before any rebound or compression damping is set.

Am I setting up tool wrong for the forks ?

thanks Howie...

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It sounds like your spring rate is too light for your weight.  What is your weight and what spring rate did they send with the cartridges?  For comparison, I reported my weight as 210lbs and the springs I received are .95 kg/mm.

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Posted (edited)

Just checked receipt; spring = 8.3. I gave them my weight and riding style. 165 lbs. and street/canyon riding. I'll call them in morn. Is sag in the forks measured same as the rear shock ?  

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Well. I called Fast bike Industries and told me I needed to calculate percentages of sag for street riding. for   street riding  should be 30-35% of fork and shock travel (preferably 30% aggresive street riding), which measures 41mm fork and 39mm for shock. I used the motool device, and still rather tricky to adjust. Adjusting the shock causes to recheck the forks and so on till you get it right. I'll have to ride it tomarrow to warm oil, and recheck. I'll check back a later time.


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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, howie333 said:

 I'll have to ride it tomarrow to warm oil, and recheck

Sag isn't affected by the oil - you can check and adjust this at any temperature.

Front/rear sag measurements will also be affected by your body positioning. Try measuring it whilst standing on the pegs, with as little weight on the handlebars as possible. Do the same whilst seated & see if there is a difference.

Try setting rear rider sag at 40mm (returning the CoG towards the back) and see if that helps you wind back the fork preload.

Stiction might also be causing erratic readings. Are you averaging the measurements of recovery from pushing down + pulling up on the bike?

8.3 is a little stiffer than stock, which is 7.5 AFAIK. Sounds reasonable for your weight.

Edit: the presence of long top-out springs will also influence the optimum sag. Don't know about the Andreanis, but Nitron TVTs have long top out springs - and the Nitron UK techs advised me that 40-45mm rider sag was to be expected. Pumping in more preload is just fighting the top out spring, and you can be messing up the spring curve with no visible change in sag. A prudent action is to use as little preload as possible (perhaps an additional 4-8mm), watch travel use with a zip tie, and adjust accordingly.

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Top out springs
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On 5/8/2022 at 8:35 PM, howie333 said:

I measured accurately using the MOTOOL preload measuring tool

Ha... I bought this gadget last year and really pleased with it. Expensive, but man is it convenient.

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