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Used 2019 Niken GT

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Next week I'll be looking at a 2019 Niken GT that's been a demo bike at that dealership. Is there anything special I should look out for when looking at a slightly used Niken GT? I'm also wondering if there's been any recalls or major upgrades on later models of this bike. 


See you around! 


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Not sure where you are but there is a thread on this forum called 'Niken Recalls'. Once you know the VIN you can search to see if it has anything outstanding.

Ask the seller if they will provide a warranty. If not maybe they will help you purchase one from Yamaha. My demo Niken came with a 2 year Yamaha used bike YES warranty that covers everything that the new bike warranty would, except gaskets. I think the dealer paid $600 for the 2 years. It is better than a 1 year factory warranty to me.

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Besides the brake light switch previously mentioned, no other specific issues really.

The models are mechanically unchanged throughout the entire generation (AFAIK) besides some paint differences.

Seems like the Non-GT model was only released in the first model year: low screen, slightly lower seat, only 1 electrical accessory outlet, no centrestand, no luggage rack or saddlebags, no heated grips as standard.

Check the key and make sure it's not bent. It's easy to bend it if it's used for both ignition and luggage tumblers. Also check the cruise control function (only works above 50kmh/31mph), which can be temperamental across the MT-09 range.

Front end mechanism require a full regrease every 20000km/12000mi by a 'Niken-trained technician.'

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Went to look at it today and also took a thorough test ride. I ended up signing the papers. Everything looked good. He's gonna check the recall and if it hasn't been done they will fix it, and also do a service on it and extend the warranty by another year, and that's a full warranty (not just the engine). 


Really looking forward now to pick it up sometime next week. 

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Excellent, nice to have you on-board. What location are you in. Time to update your signature to the left.

Do you have the Niken serial number? 

(Niken shirts available on eBay)



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Wahoo congrats on the new bike!  They are excellent bikes.  I have a 2020 Tracer 900 GT and thought a lot about a Niken.  I was going to trade after returning from a long trip out west but my bike broke at the end of the 2nd day.  Tried to salvage the trip and do a quick trade but didn't work so wound up repairing my bike (not a Yamaha) and then riding to Sioux Falls SD and trading for the Tracer.  They didn't have a Niken but did have to walk by the Africa Twin and the Indian FTR which were both nicely discounted.  Have been doing lots of long trips and the Niken would be very nice on unfamiliar roads in wet conditions.  It still closes my mind from time to time as an excellent bike that rides like a bike but has the security of two font contact patches instead of one.

Apparently the valves on the triple tend to be out of spec at the first check.  Many folks check them early.  

We need to see some pics 🙂

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