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Thinking I'm going to move on from the tracer.

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4 hours ago, Codyc123 said:

I'll have to take a closer look at the at I've heard a lot of good things. Really regretting getting rid of my 5th gen vfr. I was surprisingly comfortable 2 up

Life is too short to live with regrets. If your current bike isn't working for you it's time to change. Have you considered the new Honda NT with the Africa Twin engine It,s getting good reviews.

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5 hours ago, Codyc123 said:

I'll have to take a closer look at the at I've heard a lot of good things. Really regretting getting rid of my 5th gen vfr. I was surprisingly comfortable 2 up

I’m with you on that one. 

Traded my 01 VFR with 146,000km on a 08 Sprint. 

Regretted it the moment I left it. After so many modifications and kilometres, I was at one with that bike. 

Surprisingly fast and capable even two up with loads of character, Something that the Sprint lacked. It was a great bike, just didn’t sing to me. 

I no longer ride two up, hence the Tracer. 

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10 hours ago, Codyc123 said:

There is something special about that bike. I'm sure that sprint is better in every measurable way but hearing that v4 sing though a good pipe just made it

Custom stainless 4 into 1 and a Staintune without baffles at 9000rpm, and then get the over run when you close the throttle coming into a corner, music mate, just music... A triple with a 120° crank could never get close.

My old Laverda RGS1000 triple with 180° crank got close, but no cigar.

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I didn't give up my 5th Gen VFR when I purchased my Tracer GT. I have a love-hate relationship with the Tracer. Love the engine, handling, bags, cruise, and the heated grips. Hate the rider triangle (for me), seat slope, sound of the pipe, suspension (I have upgraded that, happy now), and the fact that trying to keep it clean is nearly impossible for someone who is used to fully faired scoots.

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55 minutes ago, sabre85 said:


Not to brag, but notice the darkie. Two up at the Gap

Haa, I was always told I had a fat arse (VFR), it looks great to me.

You do know that yellow was a red want a be? :)

Back then my wife was great at just going with it, and I could nearly ride as fast with her on as not.

Needless to say that was long ago, hence why I don't even have pillion foot pegs on my bike now.

I've also ditched the stock suspension on the Tracer both ends, as well as the stock mapping.

I've also found that tyre choice makes a huge difference. More so than on previous bikes.

Funny you say about the rider triangle. I just couldn't gell with it.

As a meter of fact, I couldn't work out how to ride this thing.

One year and 10,000kms and it seemed to make no difference. you're not sitting in it, you have nothing to hold on to ( I don't have the tank to hold on to with my body) wind noise and buffeting is ridiculous, I nearly gave up on it.

Then I changed tyres from my comfort zone Rosso's III which I've had since they came out to Metzeler R01's.

Maybe I just snagged it as I finally gelled with the bike, but I don't think so, I've been riding long enough to know when something isn't quite right.

I'm back to my usual knowing what to expect from the bike, and being able to throw it where ever I want if you know what I mean.

As I hinted, it will never be a VFR, but not many bikes will.






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Man, unpopular opinion here but that 5th Gen VFR was so blah in my book and the one I kept the shortest time, like maybe 3 months. I LOVED my ‘90 750, LOVED my dads ‘97 750, was fine with my ‘86 700 (if it was a 750 it would have been better) and was fine with the ‘02 800 (and ‘06 I rode for 2 weeks) but the ‘98 I had, even with a Fox 929RR shock and resprung front forks, was the most weird feeling, slow handling, boring bike I’ve owned. And I had an NC700X for 2 seasons, that’s saying something……

Might have been my particular one but I’ve ridden a couple and they felt the same. I rode the hell out of the ‘98 Superhawk I had, and had no handling issues with it unless REALLY pushed hard in bumpy corners when the chassis would flex but it always righted itself. The 5th Gen and I just didn’t get along, I guess. My dad loved it, though, so it might have just been me. 

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Every bike is different to every person, and that is the dilemma.

Specially since all the 750's, 800's ( we never got the 700's here) and the post 01 800's had nearly the exact same geometry.

I had the 750's, both in VF and VFR's, 1000VF's and 800 VFR's, the 01 VFR was in my opinion the best I owned, but again, it is very personal, specially not knowing what was done to others people's bike. Just because something was done, it doesn't mean it was better.

I could throw that thing around with the latest and fastest on a tight twisting road and be there with the best of them.

When you become one with the bike it is worth a few extra ponies.


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9 hours ago, OZVFR said:

By the way, I don't dispute your experience with the VFR, everyone is different.

I was surprised myself considering I’ve owned a bunch of VFRs (as well as other bikes) over the years. I tried to like it, but just didn’t. 

Probably didn’t help the bike it replaced was an ‘01 CBR929RR I’d owned for 3 years and like 30,000 miles. Thought I needed to “calm down” a bit and go more practical; my wife hated it even more than I did. Replaced the VFR with an ‘02 CBR954RR and was back happy. Thing is I bought neglected ‘93 VFR750 a couple years later and it handled great and was fun, like the VFR’s I remembered. Weird. 

9 hours ago, OZVFR said:

HANG ON, just saw the NC700X bit, man you have no credibility.

Ha!!! I’ve had almost 40 motorcycles over the years, the NC700X actually was quite a fun bike let down by its low revving motor with a very abrupt rev limiter. It’s how it got insane fuel mileage but I’ve got a picture of my dad riding it through Deals Gap and it actually could handle decently with good tires and it was a nice commuter to boot. 

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