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Timing Chain Tensioner Bad?

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Decided to start a new topic although timing chain tensioners have been discussed in other threads.

2020 Tracer 900 GT with 26,500 miles.  Valves checked at 19,000 miles and exhaust valves adjusted.  Just returned from a 6,500 mile trip.  One morning on the way back I noticed a louder than normal valve tick but was just loafing along and it soon cleared up.  The gronk reared its ugly head on the trip as well.  

Today washed the bike thoroughly and afterwards cranked it up and let it idle.  It was on the side stand.  After 3 or 4 minutes I walked around and twisted the throttle a couple of time giving it a gently blip.  Then I twisted it harder and blipped it to maybe 6,500 rpm.  Suddenly it was making a loud valve/knocking sound.  It dropped off at idle but if I gently rev'd it it was there!  Shut it off and rolled it inside and pondered what had happened.  After it cooled off I pulled the timing chain tensioner, it seemed OK but hard to say.  As I pulled it out I could hear it clicking as it extended.  I lubed it with assembly lube and exercised it a few times.  I could retract it using an allen wrench and then hold it with my hand and slowly release it and it would go click click click as it extended.  Put it back in and cranked the bike and it ran quietly even after I blipped the throttle several times.  Appears to me that the timing chain tensioner is gimpy so going to order a new OEM tensioner.  Will probably order a new clutch housing to fix the gronk while I'm busy spending money!

I have wondered if there could be a valve adjustment problem but when the noise is inconsistent and the engine has run well for the last 6,500 miles with no issues then I don't think so.

What do you folks think?  I could hold the tensioner compressed with my hand - it took some effort and was hard to let out smoothly but I could.  Seems like it wasn't super smooth as it clicked off the steps.

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Sounds like it was just binding a bit, and by removing and resetting the tensioner you’ve cured it for the moment. 
The gasket has to be installed with the tab inward, just as a heads up. 
Another possibility would be cold, thick oil, or possibly if the oil level is just a tad low, and the circumstances were right (higher rpm with cold oil and level is a tad low) the tensioner may have also had a decrease in lubrication?

Grasping at straws here, but could possible be a combination of things that all lined up just right. 

If you’re concerned, install a new one. Or wait and see if it re-occurs and go from there.


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Thanks - ordered a new one.  think the gasket went in with the ridge in and the tab down but going to replace it anyway so didn't worry too much.  Oil needs to be changed as lots of miles on it but is full.

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I'd of gone with a MCCT if out of warranty 

I did it anyway after my 15s 2nd oem cct also went blewy

Set and forget after warming it up to op temp readjust while 🏃‍♀️ by ear any time.

How are your plugs?


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