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CP3 head gasket keychain

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I randomly stumbled across this (which actually means the Facebook Algorithm threw it at me), but actually thought it was kind of unique: 



Disclaimer:  I know nothing about the company or its products, so this is NOT an endorsement or recommendation.  

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5 hours ago, 2and3cylinders said:

Again why?

As with just about everything we do, that is THE question.   I actually think it’s kind of fun & unique, and it falls into my “if it’s less than $20, it’s not a real purchase” category that I conveniently use to explain away random things.  

But, I would never use it for exactly the reasons mentioned:  Stainless steel will make all kinds of nasty wear marks on the upper triple clamp over time, so that’s a no-go for me.  

I have a simple set up for every bike I own:   The bike key, on a small ring with a single house key, covered with a piece of vacuum hose to avoid scratching up the bike.  Simple, effective.  Cheap… :)   


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Cool keychain but only thing I have on my key is a plastic key one from the dealer.  Only kept it on there as the dealer is a long way from home.  For my last trip I added an Apple AirTag to the spare key which I kept in the tank bag.

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