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Road America June 2~4 Who's Going?


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Rented an apartment with garage  in New Holstein 18 minutes to RA on KMSD.

May consider a roomy to share apartment at about $200 each for the 2 nights.

Once again like last year the weather forecast looks great!  Usually it rains on Superbike weekend. 

Shout out what your plans are.

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Sounds like a great weekend.  Barber had some great races, nice to see Cameron B back and doing well.  I'll be watching to see how well the BMWs do.  Couldn't believe how well Hayden Gilliam did in the Stock 1000 races.  He really knows Barber and had his bike set up perfectly and rode it like crazy.  Coming into Charlotte's web he was lifting the rear wheel and sometimes not just a little!

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The weather has been perfect. Beautiful day Again

Great racing the junior cup race was unbelievable

The baggers are a scream

I'll hit the track again tomorrow gotta have my double brat

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Cooler yesterday and more predictable finishes and manageable and respectful crowd.

Newly repaved so all prior records fell!

If you've never been to Road America, do yourself a favor and get ti the best and by far the longest track (4 miles!) in the country.  Nice facilities and you'll get plenty of exercise around the heavily glaciated terrain. 

For the last 2 years the weather has been great.  Maybe the Superbike weekend weather jinx is broken!

Eraldo will be 80 this week!

I met Terry in 74 when he and Byron were working for Russ Collins in Gardena and I was a shop boy for Don Vesco in El Cajon.  Super nice guy and only a year older than me. Thought he was older.   I look better comparably.  LOL

Cam doesn't have a 6 pack, he works out so hard it's an eight pack!

Where I stayed, a B&B without the breakfast bordering a park with garage; can sleep 2 couples, or 4 "friends", otherwise 2.

Why this Fiat was customized as it was and at RA, who knows.










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You've seen about 1000 days more than me behind your Foster Grant's

I've never explored the west half of the Iron State.

The international falls and ely and beyond into Canukland areas are wonderful

Was at Brainerd a few times before it closed  and then reopened many years ago

Have you shared pics and what you've modeded on your 19?

Is it setup like my highly massaged fastest red 15?

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