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Anamosa 8 days


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Museum is closing The very Beginning of Beginning of September

I Hopefully get an afternoon the 1st day at the museum and then the whole day On Wednesday 

Then usually go home Thursday

2 nights

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-3 & counting

With my 2B completed list and weather Being Of course a major factor

Also there is the fact I haven't touched my FJ Since my last ride on The 3rd... Hmmm

Then there is the fact I cannot leave if I cannot get the Crack in my foundation wall that leaks significantly during times when there is Several days of rain And then it's like Water through a Dry sponge.

When the earth is dry after a few days you start to see signs and then if it continues for several days it's you have to keep up with it or it will flood 1⁄3 of my basement

I was going to inject it with chemical grout again but that's difficult to do without high pressure equipment

which I don't have now

So I decided to clean off all the Hardened and moldy foam from prior Injections and try to patch it with hydraulic cement

Only problem is I won't know if it still leaks and if it does, how much

Which until the next storm that is forecast to happen of course when I leave

I have until Monday 4:00 PM to decide where to bale (bail) from...

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On 7/3/2023 at 12:16 PM, OldBikers said:

Sad to hear of its closing.  Was there a few years ago and spent 1.5 days there.

Have been there 8-10 x over the years. Very well done, lots of the bikes have been there a long time. Imagine many will go back to owners, many sold/auctioned. Wheels thru Time changed some when Dale passed. All things change. 

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A "Perfect Storm"* necessitated deferral until next week or as soon as weather permits (as we discussed)

*Work (the fall doesn't kill you, it's the sudden stop), repair a seeping basement foundation wall, replace West 40 wood elevated walkway, tend to SWMBO's ten zillion roses and other babies, and consequential exhaustion along with a pissy weather forecast.



















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7 hours ago, 2and3cylinders said:

repair a seeping basement foundation wall

Trying to cure that from the inside is an exercise in frustration.  I used to do high pressure grout injection ...  mostly underground parking.  Gotta attack the problem from the outside for a "permanent" fix.  Water finds a way.

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There is never enough time or money to do it right the first time.

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4 hours ago, Heavy said:

Trying to cure that from the inside is an exercise in frustration.  I used to do high pressure grout injection ...  mostly underground parking.  Gotta attack the problem from the outside for a "permanent" fix.  Water finds a way.

I was involved with 3M when they developed the first polyurethane hydrophobic chemical grouts back in the early 80s.  Developing high pressure injection techniques took a while along with fine tuning the grout formulations. In my experience their original products if installed properly in the appropriate application were good for 15 or more years of watertightness.

Their initial application was for moving, non-structual cracks. Stable structural cracks were better repaired with low-modulus hydrophilic epoxies.

I believe 3M sold their tech to a company with an Italian sounding name like Avanti.  I believe DeNeef later bought rights to the tech, and then later Green Mountain.  Now there are dozens of producers, with Sika being the 800 pound Gorilla in the room.

I ended up chipping and raking out the cracks as much as 2.5 inches deep due to localized concrete deterioration.  I then filled the crack up to 2 inches deep, usually only managing packing in an inch or so with hydraulic cement; which was a super PITA to work with because it was setting up within 2 minutes even using ice chilled water!  Had to mix very small batches as a result that could only fill a few inches.  It took over 1.5 hours.  Preping the crack took several hours, as should be the case.

If it still leaks, I figure the cement will act as a good crack surface binder, and I'll drill and inject with a caulk gun "SEM" kit.

Of course it's always best to wear your raincoat on the outside of your clothes but excavating down 10 feet x 5 feet wide, repairing the crack on the exterior, applying a polyester batt reininforced elastomeric waterproofing membrane and drainage/protection board, properly back-filling and compacting in lifts (the 65 year old archaic drain tile long ago ceased functioning, so there's nothing to repair there) is not physically practical because the crack is under the front stoop, which is supported on 2 transverse wing wall footings pinned to the foundation wall, and thus would be exorbitantly expense.

I vacuumed out the crack, and then primed it with a slurry coat before hand packing it in maybe 4 inch increments.  So you can roughly calculate how many batches I had to mix for 5 foot + long crack!





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2 hours ago, Ride365 said:

Man that sucks, and I gladly pay people who do such things for a living so I don't have to do it. :)

The tailors children don't have decent clothes, the Cobblers kids have lousy shoes, the Bakers children are undernourished...

The engineers house is falling apart. 

But if you want it done right...

Hopefully I got the grout in deep enough...

But I'll likely soon find out sooner than later if I was successful or only partially so because the forecast is for repeated heavy rains in the next couple of days.

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I'd forgotten about Anamosa till you started the thread.  Going to see my sister in Jackson Michigan just after mid August.  Anamosa would be an easy drive from there on my way west.  Last 2 years have gone north the the UP then west.  Went to Anamosa a few years ago and enjoyed it.  Have to love the HD crushed into a cube by Honda dealers.  I can only imagine how many HD riders have wept over that cube.  

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