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Oldbiker got out


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With me...

He's doing great considering. 

He just gets tired..

I had to stop several times because of my hip, which was fine with him...

Took a break at my favorite graveyard...

Let's hope we only stop there when we want to...

Dave, you can comment on your little mishap.





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You mean dropping the bike when the car in front stopped short.  More embarrassing than anything else, no damage to the bike only to the ego.😊  I hit the front brake a wee bit too hard and the bike started tipping over and I couldn't hold it vertical.

The side case got a few scuff marks but some were there when I had my issue with the chemo drugs in May.  The left crash bar got a bit scuffed but it did it's job and protected the fairing, mirror and handguard.

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