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New FJ in Greensboro, NC


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Unless the chain is exceedingly tight, I suggest you look at the owner's manual before adjusting. Whereas most modern bikes with long swingarms require over an inch of free play on the adjustment, this bike calls for much less. They come out of the crate with the factory adjustment within specs, the techs merely have to verify during PDI. The measurement on the FJ is roughly 1/2 to 3/4 inch deflection. Anything more than an inch is not recommended. I thought both of our bikes were tight until I checked the adjustment spec.
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OMG, that place is freakin HUGE! Who owns it? Somebody has alot of money in inventory. I'd love to walk in there right after winning a lottery!

I never ride two up, but that passenger seat sure looks comfortable. I'm sure my tail pack will love it!  :D 
My experience with Romney Cycles could not have been better. They asked for $250 to reserve the first red FJ and said it was fully refundable should I find one local while I waited. The gave me 15% of the accessories. Except for a tight chain, the setup was perfect. I walked in with 2 pages of items for my pre-delivery inspection and they left me alone for that 1/2 hr. to perform due diligence. 
The store itself is the most amazing cycle shop I've seen, by far!!! It's as big as a football field and they have 800 units (bikes, ATVs, etc) on site! I was able to visually compare the new Versys, Vstrom and FJ side by side, which to some is imperative to making an informed decision. 
Here's a panorama picture of the inside.

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