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Very Accurate Speedometer

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58/60 is pretty good. My burgman is about 54 @ 60 and I used the programmable tiny Speedohealer to fix. My Wee-strom was maybe 55/60 and someone was selling new faceplates correctly calibrated for that. At 58/60 I would (me, I mean) spend the $75 on speedo healer (if I pull the trigger on this bike.) My car is 59/60 and I don't sweat that but I am always boxed in traffic in the car.  
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It is the same instrument panel as the 2014+ Super Tenere (I have an ES) and GPS 60 reads 58/59 so I was hoping for the same level of accuracy on the FJ. The 2012 Super Tenere was off by over 10% and was so useless I just used the GPS for speed.
It is good to see Yamaha is making this very welcome change.
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