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I picked up an FJ a little over a week ago and I'm loving the bike.  It's replacing a 5th gen VFR that I really love, but thanks to a couple "hard landings" in helos, the egos on the Viffer no longer work for me.  The power on the FJ is fantastic, but now I need an exhaust so that triple sounds as good as the VFR did!!
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The 5th gen VFR is a wonderful machine.  The gear driven cams paired with an exhaust is pure music to my ears and the V4 engine is a gem.  It makes decent power down low and really picks up steam above 5k RPM.  Handling is a little slow in the twisties when the speed picks up, and she does feel heavy when the speed is slow.  I love the bike but lately after about an hour my head has been getting "swimmy" (generally lightheaded).  After 4 years of owning it, bulging disks in my neck have gotten the better of me even with the helibars and aftermarket seat.  If this issue didn't crop up on me this year, I never would have looked for another bike.
The FJ feels much lighter and is defiantly more modern with electronics and suspension.  The power of the FJ is hands down better than the VFR and the upright seating position is much more friendly on my neck (just like my old VStrom was).  
Overall, you can't go wrong with either bike.  But if you can swing the price of a new bike, the FJ gets my vote!  
Hope this helps you out!  
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Thanks Mike. I appreciate the review and comparison. Honestly, all things I already knew I guess. I just sold my Ninja 1000 (got bored of riding it and missed VFR soul) but then this FJ09 came along. I go back and forth between a VFR and the FJ daily.
Enjoy your new ride.
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