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Yamaha Heated Grips

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I bought my Tracer (FJ09) with yamaha heated grips, but they were not available at the time, and i run a couple of weeks without them.
After 5 or 6 weeks they came and were installed, but i've noticed since the beginning that the throttle grip rotation offered a bite of resistance compared with the non heated grips.
It's not a huge resistance but is noticeable, and afects my ride since i can´t always do a smooth ride, or at least as i want.
Some times i even start to feel a pression on my wrist, since i have to make more pression to rotate and control the rotation of the grip, specially if i want to rotate slowly.
According to vendor this is normal since was added a new cable attached to the throttle cable.
Does anyone feel this ?
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....Does anyone feel this ?
No..you should not even notice a difference...maybe the dealer forgot to grease the cable handling.....?
Not too difficult to verify this yourself by opening the housing where it all comes together... :)Check this item where it's clearly explained: http://fj-09.org/thread/580/grip-heaters-oem
I don't think so, one of these days i complain him about this, and he greased the cable in front of me. but i steel feel a difference enough to make it noticeable :(
Thanks anyway for your help ;)

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Maybee the cable routing wasn't done properly...? Do you feel a difference when the housing is open...?
I saw from the other thread, that the electrical wire should also be greased. 
. Lubricate the heater wire with lithium grease where it will ride in the lower cable housing. I use Maxima waterproof grease in the blue container.
Maybee he didn´t do this and only greased the throttle cable.
Or maybee as you say the throttle routing wasn't done properly. later i will open and try to see if i can find any problem.
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I recently had heated grips installed by my dealer. I immediately found the throttle response t be to aggressive. I simply increased the throttle slack.I have also noticed that the right hand grip gets considerably hotter then the left.The Yamaha dealer informed me that he had wrapped tape around the left bar but it is still very noticeable.
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