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Magnetic tank bag

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So I went to the dealer today to look one over and decide on a color (red!) and my first impression was how wide the tank is!
My question is this. Will my small magnetic manta tank bag stick to the tank? It seems like there's a lot of plastic material around the tank. Surely someone here will have the answer to this..
Thanks and Cheers! 
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I am using one of these.
I got it because it has straps that convert to a backpack to make it easy to tote around. The size is pretty good for something smallish.
Now, as for the magnets.
The 2 side magnets work fine
The bottom magnet only sort of works as it hits the plastic bit down near the bottom of the tank
The top magnet does not work at all
That said it has never come off with only the 2 side magnets holding it but I didn't want to just reply on that so I bought a small dog collar with a quick release latch that goes around the d-ring on the top of the bag and the other end is tied to the middle of the handlebars just to make sure it doesn't fly off.
I have a Manta tank bag up in the attic, I will test it out tonight and see how it fits for you...
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Had a small mad dog tank bag used it without any issues for about a month until I could find the givi ring mount for the fuel cap, that being said I never really felt comfortable with the magnets...
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I just bought the MotoCentric Mototrek 14 magnetic tank bag and it's a perfect fit!  I've done several rides and the magnets keep it firmly in place without any issues.  It fits like it was made for this bike.  I'll only use a magnetic bag because it's so much easier to take off and on for gas, etc.  I have no idea why people like bags with complicated straps and mounting rings.  The bag was on sale for $54.99 at Motorcycle-superstore.com and no, I don't work for them.  I just want to pass along the info. 
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I use the Manta on mine, think it works fine.  Side magnets work great, push up bottom one to attach and actually pushes the front down a little bit too.  Nice
Awesome! Thanks for the info. As if there isn't enough stuff I already will want to buy for this thing... glad I can make use of my old tank bag.
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