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Rev'it Raceway Jacket


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Before the FJ, I rode without any gear other than a helmet and light gloves.  I never owned a motorcycle jacket and certainly not pants.  It looked cumbersome and I was too young to care.  I'm much older now and thinking about self-preservation as a higher priority.  I recently borrowed some Klim gear to ride a Multistrada for a day and decided I needed to get a good kit.  I didn't want to spend a bunch of money, didn't need Gortex, and was not riding around the globe with a need for 50 pockets.
The Jacket
I opted for the Rev'it Raceway which just fit well at the right price and protection combination.  I added the REVIT See Soft CE-Level 2 back protector for a full complement of protection. Mine has some red in it to match the bike, but i don't see that specific option on Revzilla.
The Accessories
I just added the miracle of evaporative cooling as I've already ridden in 90 F weather and started to wish for a mesh jacket.  This is the REV'IT! Challenger Cooling Vest Insert that simply zips and snaps into place.  You soak it, ring it, and enjoy it.  I will be trying it as soon as we hit the high 80s again.  I used to cool my house with this miracle cooling process; I hope it works at this scale.
My take on the jacket after a few hundred miles is that it has remained very comfortable.  Nothing gets in the way while riding.  It is about the right weight for late winter to early spring and probably will be great in late summer to early winter (CA Bay Area).  It moves air decently - I love the main zipper that acts as a vent - but it is primarily heavy textile and there is some heat buildup in the upper 80s.  My only criticism is that I wish it had a little more mesh to open up in the front of the jacket to move more air.  It has a sporty, athletic cut that makes us non-athletic guys feel young again and ready to roll.  The armor seems very solid; the connectors and velcro is industrial strength.  The material and workmanship seems like high quality and is likely durable in a fall. It mates well with Rev'it Sand 2 pants or similar.  I'll do a review on those later.  I guess I do have one more wish - a pocket on the forearm or outer chest for a phone, wallet or something that I need access to without totally unzipping.
This jacket matches the bike well in that it is a comfortable, sporty performer at a good value price point.  There a ton of jackets that have more features and maybe more innovative styling, but this is a nice, simple setup for a day trip in moderate temperature and maybe hot ones with the new cooling vest.  We'll see.
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