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Mini FJ for 2016?


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Ran across a photo that may be a MT-07 with a touring configuration: 

A little less horsepower for a similar bike. I assume it will be much lighter? Maybe lower to the ground to appeal to the horizontally challenged? Trying to see the market. Maybe just the lower price? Good find anyhow.
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An inmate over on ADVrider posted a rough translation of the test from the link above:
Rough translation:
The MT-07 should not be alone; a Tracer variant is coming, just as we expected. The last shots of a running prototype taken in Italy portend the progress of the MT-07 Tracer project. Obviously the bike, still in the testing phase, is nearly finished.
We had already heard some vague rumblings from Yamaha, but then things became clearer regarding the arrival of a Yamaha MT-07 Tracer. As with the MT-09 platform, the (technically) base MT-07 is bound to generate several models. The new Tracer MT-07 appears to be a logical progression in the Yamaha range. Notably, a test mule was photographed by our colleagues Moto.it on the streets of Milan. Painted in matt black, still dressed in tape, it is certainly working on final testing before entering pre-production. We see quite clearly the initial base MT-07 onto which is grafted a half fairing and provided with a rather high screen, which should be manually adjustable, though the control system is not clearly in view. The tank seems more rounded in its upper part, which means more volume to increase the range of the future crossover.
The suspension, still faithfully sticking with 17-inch rims, seem taken from the MT- 07. Off-road abilities were not a part of the specifications, from these pictures. It is also difficult to assess any changes in the swing arm or rear sub-frame, even if the latter has probably been changed to provide more space for passengers and luggage, already fitted to this bike. Despite these uncertainties, the arrival, probably in 2016, of a Yamaha MT-07 Tracer is becoming more and more likely.
Then what about the selling price? Knowing that the ABS MT-07 costs € 6499 € 1000 ... more for the MT- 07 Tracer ABS € 1,500 or more as the gap between the MT- 09 ABS ( € 8,499 ) and MT -09 Tracer ABS ( € 9,999 ) ?
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