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Moderators and Ideas wanted!

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Hey folks, Cruizin here. I started this site last May with high hopes. I was sure that Yamaha was gonna release the FJ-09 in June with the FZ-07. Didn't happen.
But, I kept developing this forum and people still started joining. Now that the bike is out and being sold, we are averaging 5 new members per day, some days as many as 10.
So, I need some moderators. It's an unpaid gig, there is no revenue to share. Moderators help welcome new members, check threads for porn, bad words and trolls and delete and or ban accordingly.
Moderators also move posts to their proper board and would help keep the "Production Number" thread updated.
Moderators are helpful, courteous and on this forum, they absolutely are homers for Yamaha. Or, at least I am.. :D
If interested in being a moderator, please shoot me a PM. I could use the help. No Nazi's though, and it helps to have thick skin.
And now let's chat about Ideas. I am very interested in learning your thoughts about this forum, how it is set up and if you have any great ideas for this forum, because this place is for you! If anyone has any great new ideas, please let me know. How do yo like this place? How would you change it?
More than anything else, thank you all for joining and posting helpful info for all to learn from. That is what a forum is supposed to be. A place to come to learn and share, to laugh, to get inspired, to share. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with that process.
Thanks again,
Rob AKA Cruizin
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Thanks for putting in the work getting the forum up and running for us Rob, it's always nice to share ideas and stories with like minded folks! Any thought into adding a classifieds section to sell parts and gear between forum members?
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Yes, I have been working on that and should have a classifieds section ready this week. Thanks for reminding me.
I have bought and sold alot of great stuff on advrider.com 's classified section and look forward to getting that mojo going here.
BTW, if you haven't already, check out ADVrider.com. Awesome site for those that love bikes and tons of awesome ride reports and helpful info. I am not affiliated with them, just a loyal member and fan of what they have built.
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I can't send PMs. Says Oops, cant do that in this forum, or any other place I tried. Went to the down arrow, members, and send message, but it doesn't work. Help.
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
2015 FJ-09, Seat Concepts seat cover and foam, Cal Sci medium screen, rim stripes, factory heated grips, Cortech Dryver tank bag ring, Modified stock exhaust, FlashTune with Graves fuel map, Cree driving lights, Aux power socket.
2012 Street Triple type R (Wifes)
2007 FJR1300 (Sold!)
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Guest eatpasta
A regional section could be useful for folks to get together in their own area for rides and tech days....
 also as the forum starts to grow, adding a few other sections for various off topic (non FJ09) discussions (maybe even one general section)
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