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Radar detector /camera/phone mount


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Adaptiv D-01-06 AdaptivMount Handlebar Mount .I found this on Amazon a bit pricey at $85.00 ,but its very good quality. It fits the fat part of the handle bar with no problem.It has many position adjustments and can be set at any angle.  
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I can't imagine this works well for the radar... anything blocking the radar receivers will cut down your detection ability. Yes reflections will eventually get through, but directly blocking the front (and the back, if it has 360 protection) will severely limit your detection distance, and as a result, reaction time.
IMO, too much going on with wires, too. I'd look into a straight wire and clean all that up. I feel like it's just asking for slack-related trouble.
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I have the beltronics power cord direct wire kit on order. its a better way to go. the mount actually works good. I have had several chances to be radar-ed its worked every time. I even got a laser hit this weekend.
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