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FJ-09 footpeg luggage brackets the same part as FJR1300?

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Does anyone know if the passenger footpeg mounted luggage bracket used on the FJ-09 is the same one as used on the FJR1300?
The continuing lack of availability of the FJ-09 part from Yamaha has me hoping for an alternative source.  I have so far been unable to determine part numbers for both units using the same SKU system.
On the one hand I think, "probably not," but on the other, the luggage is intercompatible, so....
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I don't think they are the same.  I know the mount points on the side bags themselves have the same mounting points as FJR bags will mount on the stock yamaha mounting bracket on the FJR but the brackets themselves look different.  I found this stock bracket on ebay and it looks different than the FJR bracket.  This is of course a guess so if someone else knows better that would be great to here. 
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