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New Member. Pulling the trigger.


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Hey Folks!
Nice to meet you all! I've been a member for a little bit now, but I am getting ready to pull the trigger on purchasing an FJ-09 to replace my 2007 SV650s. I basically want something that is a little bit more conducive to longer rides than the SV and, after renting the FJ for a day and putting 500km on it through the Rocky Mountains, I am sold. I've been riding for a couple years now and consider myself a responsible, but still inexperienced, rider. Im the guy out for a cruise at the speed limit in the mountains, enjoying the scenery.. not the guy ripping around corners trying to drag a knee. 
While dealers in the area aren't really all that interested in moving on the price OTD, they're willing to offer discounts on gear and accessories. I've already got my gear (but might look at some new pants/gloves) and will be getting some gear for my wife, who says she's ready to get on the back of my bike (she's scared). However, Im wondering about what accessories I should go with. 
I've already decided Im getting the heated grips and the comfort seat, but is there anything else I should be getting while I've got the discount? The windshield kinda sucks (i already know that) and will be getting an aftermarket one for the longer trips. Im not sure on the side bags just yet. I have a couple of Kreiga soft bags that I can use in the meantime. 
Are frame sliders readily available aftermarket or should I get the Yamaha ones? What about spools? Anything else? 
Thanks in advance. Really appreciate the advice. 
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there are some posts on people returning the yamaha frame sliders as it seems they are junk for the price. Alot of people including myself have purchased sw-motech bars. I got mine from germany on ebay, but just got an email from revzilla minutes ago saying they are now in stock. Also based on what i've read you may want to consider alternatives to the comfort seat as many have said its not much difference where aftermarket options may be better. Also welcome and good luck on getting the new bike, check the lowest OTD price maybe you will find another driver in range worth driving to.
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Go onto EBay and CycleTrader. If the local dealers don't want to deal, $300 in shipping will get you a fairly-priced FJ. There's a brand new one on EBay right now for $8976 plus $300 fees. A used one w/ 2k miles was $5,500 last I checked!! I would have bought the used in a heartbeat if it was there when I was looking.
-You've already riden one and know it's what you want; that was the hard part!
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