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Gas Tank Protection

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What are you guys and gals using to protect the finish on the Gas Tank? Especially the top. I may order the Tank Slapper Xpel Ultimate pre-cut kit, but I am concerned it will bubble up and curl, look bad after some time in the southern AZ sun? I ride with a hydration pack and the hose comes into contact with the tank when leaning in. I'm 5'6" so I easily come into contact with the tank. I don't want to use an adhesive backed pad if I can make do with something non sticky.
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I just installed the Tank Slapper Xpel Ultimate last week so I can't speak for how durable it is. Installation took me a few tries of peeling it back up and reapplying to get smooth with no air bubbles. Take your time and it's not hard. After installing you can't see it unless you really look hard for it. I just got the tank kit as I thought the whole kit that also covers the front and headlights was a little too pricey. Seems kind of expensive when you see all that you get but I'm happy if it protects the tank from scratches.
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