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FZ-09 belly pan on FJ-09?

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Does anyone know whether the belly pans they make for the FZ-09 also fit on the FJ-09? I would assume so but still thought I'd ask just in case. The reason I ask is because there seems to be a wide selection of them for the FZ-09 but I can't find many advertised for the FJ-09 probably because it's so new.
Also it seems all the belly pans are made in the UK for some reason, how do you guys in the US/Canada get your belly pans, do you order from Europe and pay the astronomical shipping fees or are there north american based manufacturers/distributors that you can order from?
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I'm sure it would also depend on which bellypan you choose.My powerbronze bellypan will be here next week......After lots of research I found that the FZ is indeed different...where it bolts up because of the center stand.Check out both pics.... FZ's are longer going back compared to the FJ . I'm sure you could mod it to fit but I didn't want to try it.
I ordered mine from www.powerbronzeusa.com
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