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Anyone tried this seat cover?

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I ordered this seat cover and gel insert for the FJ Was curious if anyone else had this seat cover or dealings with this company?
I'll try and replace it myself, shouldn't be anymore difficult that dirt bike seat covers and if so there's a good auto upholstery place local I'll take them to.. I'll do a review about installation (if I end up doing it myself) and my thoughts after it's done
Seat cover
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Guest branthopolis
A friend has the Luimoto seat on his FZ in that same color scheme..   Looks great and was comfortable to sit on... Not sure about long-ride comfort though as I only sat on it for a few minutes..
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I installed this cover along with the gel insert shortly after I got the bike. Install was very easy after I bought a air stapler. Tried with my electric first which was a waste of time as none of the staples seemed to seat properly (may have only been the cheap gun I bought though). I am not sure that I am really happy with the insert as I am still really uncomfortable after about 150kms but it may only be due to my body shape (big butt, small insert...) and not the quality of the gel. I took a bunch of pictures of the install which I will try to post tomorrow when I am back around the home computer. I do love the quality of the covers though. They look amazing and they have stood up to a couple surprise rain storms while out and about....
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