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Hi from WA


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Hi everyone. I am a very happy FZ-07 owner in NW Washington state. I am not planning on replacing it any time soon, but am very interested in all the new bikes Yamaha is coming out with. The FJ-09 looks very cool. I wonder if an FJ-07 is in the works?
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I am more interested in parts that may be compatible with my FZ-07 if they make an FJ-07. More options are always good. I plan on test riding the FJ-09 when Yamaha has it on the trucks.
Ahhhh, good plan.  So I have a question.  How hard is it to get access to new bikes to test ride?  Does Yamaha usually make a lot available, or do they control them pretty tightly so if you don't pre-order it's hard to get a ride? 
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