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Modified VISTA UNIVERSAL 'cruise control' fitted...

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I have now installed a modified VISTA UNIVERSAL throttle-lock on my Tracer, it being a ‘poor man’s cruise control’ that I’ve used on many other bikes.
Because of the width of the adjacent ‘bar mounted hardware – switch-block and throttle cable terminals – the standard unit does not fit as intended.
So I repeated what I’d done on my BMW GSs and Rs, which had similar in-the-way fittings – namely removing the ‘arm’ and its associated ‘bar clamp that stops the device from rotating with the throttle. Instead, a short length of alloy strip connects to the back of the handguard [em](see pix)[/em] which stops rotation.
This is actually better than the original use of the ‘arm’ as the mechanical efficiency of that set-up is quite poor – it wants to twist, but my solution is more direct.
The toggle-switch operation of the VISTA is very simple, just a flick of the thumb to set (down) and to release (up), and once adjusted it is creep-free.
The throttle-grip width is quite narrow so I won’t leave this device attached permanently as it can intrude a little, but on my longer trips it will be invaluable in helping avoid wrist cramp and other issues of physical comfort.
Now I just have to tidy-up the installation and give the alloy strip a quick spray with flat black paint and it will become almost invisible once fitted.
Pix show the device temporarily installed, and the discarded items from the kit arrowed.
Lawrence of Suburbia [em] (‘39 model)
2015 Matte Grey Tracer – now at 2751km – Grip Puppies; Stebel Magnum audible warning device; Skene P3 rear lights set; Knuckleguard LEDs; Seat Concepts comfort seat.[/em]
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