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Hop over to the Hopyard


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I spent most of the day over at a friend's house making sausage: 25 pounds of pork Italian sausage and 10 pounds of elk sausage. Hard work, but well worth it.
Afterwards I headed up to the Rogue Brewery "Hopyard." It's a farm about 20 miles north of here where Rogue grows many of their hops.
These hops will be ready for harvest soon:
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Looks like you have a simple strap down tank bag.  Which one is it?  How satisfied are you with how it functions?  Simple On/Off?
There is  quite a long distance from the steering head to the gas cap that the old Tourmaster I have won't reach.  Looking to get something that works well.  I've always appreciated a tank bag with a map window.
Looks like you had a great ride.
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Looks like a great trip. I am curious as to why you, or others, choose a strap bag vs magnetic?
My last bag had straps because when I got it my motorcycle had an aluminum tank (BMW K-bike). So obviously magnetic bag wouldn't work.
I just got this Wolfman because it was a good size and shape, I can't say I gave much thought to the attachment mechanism. But no matter what other bikes I get I know a strap-on bag will work. I can't say that about a magnetic bag.
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