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Intermittent Clonk from front end

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                 Just back from a 1500 mile tour round Scotland. Have to say I have now jelled with the Tracer,
                 what a cracking thing it is.
                 a few issues that can be improved but every bike is like that.
                  I have noticed very occasionally and randomly a clonk from the front when going slow and stopping,
                  anyone else had this?
                  Not looked into it yet, i have bounced the front end up and down but cant get it to do it so a strange one,
                  i was thinking sticky  fork stantion.  :-/
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I have not noticed it on the Tracer but my Super Tenere had the exact symptom you describe. The S10 uses the same technology.
I think it was the ABS actuating on the front as the ECU may be worried you are about to lock the wheel then changes its mind once it figures out you are stopping.
Certainly never bothered me in 30,000 miles on the S10.
I've got into the habit of using the rear brake on the Tracer just before coming to a stop so maybe I am not creating the same scenario as you.
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I hear the sound you describe. Sounds like something is moving a bit, then settling. I've not been concerned enough to investigate. My best guess is that is the two piece front rotor moving just a bit, or the brake pads moving just a bit in the calipers.
Does not worry me at all.
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I've heard it 4 times in my first 1000 miles on the bike. I've looked and can't find anything. I had a 2006 DL 650 Vstrom and it did the same thing for the whole 9 years I owned it and never found the cause with it either.
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Check to make sure the front wheel axle is tight. If you can spin or move the spacers on either side of the wheel then it is loose.
I heard a clunk on mine when I bumped into the handle bars. It took me awhile but found the front to be loose. Tighten her up no more clunk.
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I have heard the same noise on mine. I checked the axle, and it was tight. I agree with the comments regarding the brakes. My R1150gs used to make the same noise, as did my ZRX1200. It really only happens at very slow speed, I guess when you are pulling up at a higher speed it happens too quickly to notice. Either way, I'm not concerned.
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Mine did it for the first time today. Low speed with 1,517 miles while slightly applying the front brake. Must be the pads slightly moving on the pins is my best guess. Nothing is loose.
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Guest branthopolis
Brake pads shifting in the calipers... Back out of a parking spot, apply brakes, roll on down the road a bit then apply brakes at speed... CLUNK..
The "float" in a floating brake rotor is side to side...
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