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Just got mine in Tucson

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I'd been waiting for EBR to announce their supposedly upcoming AX version, but they've apparently put it off for maybe a year or two (they weren't specific, so I can't be either). Grumble, grumble...
Anyway, I'd been looking at Tiger 800's for a couple of years, but got a Honda NC700X, instead back in 2012. Just traded it in on a new grey FJ-09. Given the probable antics I might get up to with this bike, I'd be better off with the grey, instead of with the "Arrest Me" Red. Police never look at grey bikes, right?
Got home after dark, but here's a couple of pix now that the bike has almost 3 miles on it (the dealership isn't very far away at all).
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Thanks for joining us and welcome to triple madness! Is there even a bike 12 step yet?
Post often and we hope you enjoy your experience on fj-09.org
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Guest eatpasta
Geez, if I lived 3 miles from a dealer I'd be in trouble. Enjoy the new ride and post some reviews when you gets some miles on it.
I live two miles from a dealer - lucky for me its the worst dealer in the state.... 
oh and congrats and welcome!!!
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