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Yamaha Rear Rack + DIY Plate

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When I got the bike I ordered the Yamaha rear rack thinking that it would easily accept a variety of different top boxes (don't ask me why I thought that....). 
After putting up with my complaints about not being able to put my Givi Trekker Outback top box onto the Yamaha rear rack, my brother got a little nifty.  His nifty-ness led to a fabricated aluminum plate to which I was able to put the box on.  
Step 1: Obtain an aluminum plate
Step 2: Cut the plate in whatever shape you want.  (We used the plastic Yamaha plate as a template)
Step 3: Drill holes where the aluminum plate can attach to the Yamaha rear rack and holes for the Givi monokey top case adapter.
Step 4: Paint
Step 5: Fit the box.
Sure it's not as pretty as others....but she'll get the job done.  All said and done it was $35.  Sorry for the poor quality pics and messy garage.  I'll take some other pics and upload them later.
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