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New to the FJ family.

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I've been thinking about buying a FJ 09 since last year; it came down to either it or the Versys 1000. After three test rides of the FJ and riding the Versys, I finally decided on the FJ. I couldn't be more pleased with the choice. The Yamaha came out ahead on weight, features and price as well as looks. I was not too impressed with the first ride of the bike. The first demo was a new bike with 0 miles when I rode it, but the second ride was one on a unit with some miles on it, that had loosened up a bit and gave me a better idea of what the bike is like. The more miles that I put on mine, the more impressed I am. The handling is great, and the ergonomics of the upright ADV style suit me well. My other bike is a Super Tenere. They seem to complement each other well.
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