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Pittsburgh to Columbus Farkle Review and AdvDepot Experience


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I want to first start by providing my experience with AdvDepot.com, which I saw mentioned in a post by jimf.  I ordered my 
Ermax Touring screen from them and had an absolutely over the top experience.  I found out they are very close to me (20 miles away), and ordered my screen with pickup option.  The day it was ready they were not open long enough for me to get the screen while they were open.  I could have easily gone the next day, but I was overly excited for my new farkle.  I had spoken to Paul on the phone and he offered many options going as far as to offer someone drive my direction after work and deliver it to me.  I couldn't make anyone go out of their way like that, but we settled on him leaving it behind the building in a hidden area.  I was able to pick it up that day and install it before leaving while throwing my stock in my backpack.  They were more than accommodating and I will do my best to use them for whatever I can in the future, they are great and friendly guys.  
Now onto my ride with said screen, SW-Motech bars, Seat Concept seat, Nelson Rig Tail bag, and Shad sh39 top case.  I had a work trip from Pittsburgh to Columbus Ohio.  Since I get paid mileage, I decided to take my bike. I rode 22 all the way out to 77,  and then 70 across.  22 is a nice windy and smooth country road that goes through a state park and is an overall nice scenic ride.  70 is a very boring 3 lane 70mph interstate.  I stopped once shortly for gas and kept a nice leisurely pace out there.  Initially I wasn't very impressed with the screen or the seat, however the stock seat and windscreen caused me some grief on my way out taking 70 the whole way last time (more so the screen buffeting gave me a headache).  After having the aftermarket and taking a 430+ mile round trip, I now notice the difference and am much more comfortable.  Unfortunately on the way back I hit tropical depression Bill, and got rained on the whole time (and took 70 the whole way so I wasn't on windy roads in rain).  I stopped at a Pilot to change and put on rain gear, after already getting soaked once.  The handguards do not provide much as far as rain protection, and the Ermax touring screen lets water in through the vent holes.  Overall, at a sprinkle weather protection is great, more than that your getting wet.  I also put my legs up a few times on the SW-Motech bars, with my legs resting on them no vibrations were felt, but took some effort.  If i put my boots against them there was a very high frequency vibration. Overall it was a much more comfortable ride out than stock, back doesn't count due to rain.
As for my nelson riggs tail bag, with the rain cover on, everything stayed perfectly dry, as did the items in my SH39 top case.  I had both loaded on the way out pretty good with at least 50 lbs of gear, I did not notice either other than being able to lean back a bit against the tail bag.  I was supposed to have my sh36 side  bags, but no idea where those are, or when I can expect them. Shad service has been absolutely terrible, and I would be hard pressed to ever order or suggest anyone else order from them at least in the states.  
I did have one very scary incident in which my back tire 'walked' out on me (I believe that is the term).  I was changing lanes in the rain and hit the tar patch in a slight lean and felt the tire kick what felt like a foot out at 65 mph.  Maybe I was going fast for the rain, but it was light and I was going speed of traffic.  I didn't even have time to think or react before I believe the TCS kicked in and the bike straightened right out.  I also leaned straight up which may have helped, but wasn't in much of a lean.  I can only wonder what would have happened on my last bike w/o TCS, but glad I had it.  
Overall still very happy with the bike, it matches what I was looking for in a bike.  I didn't get to take any pictures other than pre-departure as it was a crazy busy trip and raining on the way home.
If anyone is interested here is my fuelly results so far.
Update: just checked my email and Shad finally responded saying they are shipped and it will be 2-3 days.  They were ordered 5/23, and took a month to ship when the website said I would not be charged 3-5 days before shipping.  Also the top case is very hard to snap down and lock.  I thought it came with a backrest as every picture on the website that shows that angle of the cases shows a backrest.  They do not show that angle on the Sh39, if I would have known, I would have ordered differently.  
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Here's my fuelly.
Three things have improved performance and gas mileage:
[ol type=decimal][*]2WheelDynoworks ECU update. (equal performance and economy)[*]String method precision rear axel alignment.  (equal performance and economy)[*]Cut the stock windscreen off at just below the speedo cluster.  (equal comfort and economy)[/ol]
2015 FJ-09, 2016 1290 Super Duke, 2017 150 XC-W (primary ride), 2012 DR650
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Nelson Riggs makes great bags, especially considering the price. So long as I've tightened down on my rain covers, my bags have stayed mostly dry (water will work it's way into side saddlebags in all day rain since the covers go over the side).
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