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My side cases installed

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Ya know what's funny...I got my locks in the mail from the dealer last week...still waiting on mounts though...
I'd really like to have bags for when I go visit my parents 4th of July weekend...the shad set is looking better and better everyday time and money wise.
Might have to call the dealer and see if they'll refund all my money or not because I need that space for trips
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Shad cases for me are taking over a Month to receive, when they were supposed to be in stock and no communication stating they were back ordered while attempting to contact for 3 week period.  No support whatsoever from them.  I can't comment on quality of side bags but i'm a bit dissapointed with the topbox sh39.  I should have gone with the SH48 or something better.  I assumed it was closer to the bigger boxes.  
The Givi Trekker Outbacks that Deezeeuk has are sexy.  
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